Under the initiative of WASCAL Director in Togo, Head of the Master Research Program on Climate Change and Human Security, HKVcollaborated with WASCAL for the implementation of a flood early warning system for the Oti River in Togo and Ghana.
WASCAL in Togo offers a Master Research Program on Climate Change and Human Security while HKVprovides consultancy and services in water management and risk analysis. The latter is a consultancy firmwhich is based in Netherlands and has established its branches in several countries in Europe and some African countries including Ghana, Burkina-Faso, and Togo etc. HKV works currently under the World Bank Project on flood risk assessment of the OtiRiver in Togo and Ghana. The Oti River Basin is shared by four countries namely Togo, Burkina Faso, Ghana and Benin.
Under the direction of Prof. KOKOU Kouami, Director of the National Institute of Scientific and Technical Research, Head of the Master Research Program on Climate Change and Human Security in Togo, and under the supervision of Dr. KOMI Kossi , two interns of HKV, namely Mrs. Lisa Swaalf and Noor H. Beek stay in Togo for a full research from May 11 to June 09, 2017. Together with WASCAL Alumni Dr. KOMI kossi who obtained his PhD in Climate Change and Water resources at WASCAL-UAC in Benin, the two students carried out during their one month stay in Togo as part of their research,field measurements and data collection in the Prefectures of Kpendjal and Oti in Northern Togo.
Mrs. Lisa Swaalf and Noor H. Beek who came from Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands conducted this research work in the framework of the completion of their Bachelor Degree in Civil Engineering. The main objective of their research is to model the streamflow from Pendjari River (Benin) and Oualé River (Burkina Faso) into the Oti River. The results of this work will help in reducing the dependency on discharge data from the upstream countries of the Oti River Basin (Benin and Burkina Faso) during the implementation

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