As part of a pilot project for rolling out new research activities in the field of  Renewable Energies in the West Africa Sub-Region with the ultimate goal of finding a headway in solving the energy deficiency problems that are faced by countries in the West Africa Sub-Region, the German Federal Ministry of Education  and Research (BMBF)  and the  West African Science Service Center on Climate Change and Adapted Land Use (WASCAL) and the University of Lomé organized a regional Stakeholders Consultation Workshop on Friday April 13th 2018 in Lomé, Togo.

The workshop was the first step in assessing research priorities in Renewable Energies for West African Countries.

Consequently, it aims at (i) sharing the main achievements and challenges in this area of Research (ii) analyze and validate the methods to be used and (iii) agree on procedures for its implementation with the participation of national and regional stakeholders who are experts in the field of Renewable Energies within the West African landscape.

The regional workshop centred as well on the advantages of the Bio energy as it involved the utilization of none-used organic waste and agricultural residues, the Reduction of emissions (e.g. instead of open combustion), the reduction of landfills, the provision of clean energy (especially in remote areas), the provision of fertilizer, the broad range of applications (power, fuel, heat, cold), the flexible or base-load energy provision, the storage capacities for solar and wind energy (e.g. methanisation), the local employment and fostering local development

additional income for biomass producers (selling their residues).

The workshop was commissioned by the first Vice President of the University of Lome, Prof Komlan Batawila. Mrs. Judith Wilke, representative of the Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany, the Executive Director of WASCAL, the Directors of WASCAL doctorate programmes of Benin and Niger.

About forty stakeholders working in the renewable energy sector in Togo took part of the event.

It is worth recalling that this is a first of a series of actions toward renewable energy industry development in Togo and in West Africa countries in general.

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