The West African Science Service Centreon Climate Change and AdaptedLand Use, WASCAL of the University of Lomé hosted from 26 to 28 August 2019 a regional awareness and technical training workshop on the implementation of early warning systems and flood forecast. Thisworkshop aims to improve the capacities of national and regional policy frameworks. It was initiated by the ECOWAS Commission with the financial support of the Word Bank
The opening of this training workshop took place last Monday, August 26, 2019 in the presence of Prof. KOKOU Kouami, Director of WASCAL-Togo, Mr. SALIFOU Ousseini, representative of the ECOWAS Commission and Lieutenant-Colonel BAKA Yoma, Director General of the National Agency of Civil Protection (ANPC), representative of the Togolese Government (Photo).

In his welcome address, Prof. KOKOU stressed that flood management is a major concern for communities that are increasingly affected by the enormous damage caused by floods especially in this climate change context. He also welcomed the initiative of this training and the choice of WASCAL at the University of Lomé to host this workshop. He also informed the audience that WASCAL will soon welcome students from 10 ECOWAS countries for doctoral training on disaster risk management.
For Mr. SALIFOU, despite the efforts made in the management of natural disasters in West Africa, institutional, technical and financial obstacles still prevent the effective management of floods. He further added that the workshop is in line with the implementation of the ECOWAS Action Plan which provides for the establishment of a sub-regional flood management observatory and the capacity building of experts of its Member States
Lieutenant-Colonel BAKA, for his part, expressed the gratitude of the Togolese government to the technical and financial partners who continue to assist Togo in disaster risk reduction before expressing the wish that the modules planned for this training of 3 days can equip participants with flood forecasting skills
After the opening ceremony, the workshop continued with various training sessions, particularly on flood hazard mapping, the development of an early warning system, and so on. Certificates of participations were given to participants at the end of the training.

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