Flood Vulnerability Mapping in the Lower Mono River Basin in Togo, West Africa

Author : Joshua Ntajal, Benjamin L. Lamptey, Jean MianikpoSogbedji, .


Abstract— The Lower Mono River Basin has been identified as an annual flood hotspot in Togo, where human and ecological systems are negatively impacted. As a result, this paper focused on the assessment and mapping of the vulnerability of communities to flooding. Indicator-based assessment, using the MOVE Framework and GIS technique are used in mapping the vulnerability. The use of indicators in vulnerability studies proved as an effective tool for investigating into the social, economic, and biophysical characteristics of social ecological systems. The vulnerability mapping revealed the various levels at which the communities are exposed, susceptible and lack resilience to flooding. It has been found that all the communities in the Lower Mono River Basin are vulnerable to flooding. Vulnerability is directly related to the degree of exposure, susceptibility and inversely related to the capacity to cope and recover from flood disaster. Identifying, helping, and empowering vulnerable communities are sustainable means of reducing disaster risk.

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