The Minister of Higher Education and Research presented a communication during the Council of Ministers of the month of December 2017. This presentation is part of the integration of the WASCAL Programme into the teaching programmes of the University of Lomé and its viability approach. In his communication, the Minister recalled the objectives of WASCAL in the West African sub-region and particularly in Togo by informing the Council of Ministers about the difficulties faced by students at the end of their training; three major challenges to note, such as the unemployment of WASCAL graduates, the search for additional funding and the payment of the Togolese State’s contribution to the programme as required by the sponsors.

Besides, these challenges threaten the sustainability of the programme and are often a source of misunderstanding between the beneficiary countries and the German government. Only a few countries manage to pay their contribution, he said.
Recalling on the occasion, the Memorandum on the Establishment of WASCAL, which stipulates in Article 6 concerning commitments and financial provisions, the Minister clarified that member countries would have to contribute three hundred thousand Euros (300,000 Euros), that is one hundred and ninety-six million seven hundred and ninety-six thousand one hundred FCFA (196,787,100 FCFA) in 2013 and, from 2014, the contribution to the budget operating costs adopted will increase each year by 5% until 2015 to build up reserves “. To date, the total financial contribution of Togo is forty-one million two hundred and thirty-eight thousand one hundred and twenty eight FCFA (41,238,128 FCFA) including a first installment of ten million eight hundred and twenty four thousand FCFA (10,824,000 FCFA) in 2015 and a second of thirty million four hundred and fourteen thousand one hundred and twenty eight FCFA (30 414 128 FCFA) in 2016.
According to the Minister, from 2013 to date, the Government of Togo should contribute one hundred and forty one million three hundred thirty six thousand five hundred and twelve FCFA (141,336,512 FCFA); he paid forty-one million two hundred and thirty-eight thousand one hundred and twenty eight FCFA (41,238,128 FCFA); it remains to pay one hundred million four eighteen thousand three eighty four thousand FCFA (100 098 384 FCFA), had stated the Minister.

This point sheds light on the late payment of the contribution of Togo, it is in this context that the German Minister of Education, Prof. Johanna Wanka, sent a letter on 7th April 2017 to the Minister of Higher Education and Research, in which she required for tan immediate payment of the contributions that the States engaged to pay and committed them to seek additional funds, under the re-examination of Germany’s commitments in the current structures of WASCAL.
In summary, the Minister invited the Council of Ministers to take on a particular responsibility to rise to the challenge and take the historic opportunities of the sector of Higher Education and Research by honoring his commitment to the Wascal programme in line with the objectives set out during a previous Council of Ministers towards the Future of Higher Education and Research held in Lomé at the date of 28 to 30 November 2013.


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