Teaching subject : Climate Change and Food Security

MOUSSA NA ABOU Mamouda is national of Niger. Since 2001, he has been working with Energy Program of ENDA Tiers Monde, an international non-governmental organization specialized in Environment and Development in developing countries. His work with ENDA principally focuses on capacity building, technical assistance, knowledge sharing and advocacy on the broad issue of climate and development and specifically on tools and methods for vulnerability and adaptation assessments.

Moussa has a wide range of technical and advocacy experience working with civil society and policy bodies in Africa on major projects and programs like “Climate Change Capacity Development”, “Advancing Capacity to Support Climate Change Adaptation”, “Climate and Development NGO Network”,“CLACC – Capacity Strengthening for Least Developed Country Civil Society organizations around the 4 building blocks of the UNFCCC negotiations”, “European Capacity Building Initiative (ECBI), “Knowledge-Sharing for Climate Change Adaptation in Africa (AfricaAdapt), etc. In relation to international climate change negotiations, Moussa attended almost all Conferences of Parties since 2006 and played a key role within the Climate Action network (CAN) inter alia in supporting LDC countries’ strategic positions (in Warsaw and Lima conferences of parties) on the recently agreed Intended Nationally Determined Contributions (INDCs) under the ADP.

Moussa has a long experience working with foremost policy bodies in Africa including African Union (AU), Economic Commission for Africa (ECA) and its recently set African Climate Policy Centre (ACPC). As such, Moussa is currently member of the ClimDev Africa Program Steering Committee, a program led by the AU, ECA and the African Development Bank. ClimDev is a program endorsed by African heads of States and Governments to improve the provision and use of appropriate climate information to promote planning for climate change and sustainable development in Africa. Other Moussa’s experience in accompanying national climate change policy formulation included technical support in the elaboration of NAPA documents and National Communications in LDC countries.

Moussa is currently based at ENDA Energy offices in Dakar (Senegal) where he is acting as Network Coordinator for AfricaAdapt (, a Knowledge-Sharing Network that supports knowledge exchanges for adaptation in Africa.Moussa is representing ENDA as Communications Focal Point for the Climate Technology Centre and Network (CTCN – He is also acting as Knowledge Management Engagement Leader for CARE and ALF in Niger under the BRACED (Building Resilience for Adaptation and Climate Extremes and Disasters).

In terms of academic research and as part of his Masters of Sciences, Moussa investigated on the issue of carbon sequestration in farming systems as a means to support organic farming and climate change adaptation and mitigation co-benefits in the agriculture sector in Senegal. This work also led to the development of mathematical correlations between tree biomass (above ground and under ground biomass) and allometric variables like the diameter at breast height of the trees.

My current PhD research (submitted for defense) relates to the analysis of food insecurity drivers in a changing climate for Maradi (southern Niger) and suggesting options for a climate smart food production.


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