Implementing CLIMate-sensitive Adaptation strategies to reduce Flood RIsk in the transboundary Lower Mono River catchment in Togo and Benin 24.6.-28.6.2019, Togo, Benin

The objective of the CLIMAFRI project is to co-develop and co-implement adaptation strategies for sustainable management of flood risk and natural resources in the transboundary Mono River Catchment. The specific scientific and technical objective of the consortium is to collaboratively establish the River Basin Information System through the integration of science-based data with information and knowledge from local stakeholders and communities. To achieve the sustainable implementation of the River Basin Information System, it is a key objective of CLIMAFRI to train professional staff on multiple scientific and technical aspects during the process of establishing the information system and to embed the information system within the responsible authority(ies) in the (transboundary) region.



During the week of June 24 to 28, 2019, several local and foreign partners took part in the various activities planned for this project. The first day was a team work between local and foreign partners. On 25 and 26 June 2019, all the participants visited the site of the mono river and were able to discuss with the localities affected by the flood caused by the water release from the dam of Nangbeto. The 28/06/2019 takes place the effective launch of the project. Several stakeholders did take part. The last day was devoted to visit the different departments of the stakeholders.

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