As part of its program to promote green entrepreneurship, the West African Observatory for Sustainable Development (OOADD) launched in February 2018, an online mapping of green entrepreneurs in Togo. The results of this mapping showed a relatively low representation of women in the sector. However, it is clear that the sector is full of important opportunities that remain unexploited to date. Faced with this situation, it is urgent to bring to young women’s knowledge, these opportunities to arouse in them the desire to invest. In this context, OOADD in collaboration with WASCAL Program on Climate Change and Human Security in Togo and the organizations working on gender and development issues, namely Youth Impact for Sustainable Development (YISD) and the International Association Young Women Leaders (AIJFL) organized a Young Women’s Academy on Green Entrepreneurship. This academy which will take place over the period from June to September 2018 is themed “Empowerment of young women through green entrepreneurship”. It will equip 200 women on green entrepreneurship and is organized as a prelude to the celebration of the first edition of the National Green Entrepreneurship Week in Togo. The activity is part of the implementation of Goals 5, 8, 10, 13 and 15 of sustainable development. Thus the first session of the academy was organized on Thursday, June 28, 2018 at the headquarters of WASCAL at the University of Lomé (UL).