MRP-CCHS Programme is honored and pleased to bid farewell to the graduates of its third promotion.
The Director and Staff of the Master Research Programme on Climate Change and Human Security bid farewell to the graduates particularly after a successful completion of their two year master degree course at WASCAL.
Indeed, the students completed this part of journey with great achievements and beautiful memories. As they will now prepare for a greater challenge ahead, let’s recollect that WASCAL nurture them so as to build a strong foundation for their next level. Under the sponsorship of BMBF, these young West Africans have attained this impressive milestone in their life with great honor; they are skilled and dedicated to contribute to building the next generation of scientists and policy makers in climate- related issues in West Africa.
For the uncommon zeal demonstrated in their studies, the relationship with one another, the intercultural relationship and knowledge exchange, all the ten graduates have acquired cogent knowledge in climate change as it affects human security. These young scientists in climate change are now skilled to help develop mitigation policies and raise awareness within communities in West Africa toward the wicked problem.
To bid them farewell, the graduates expressed their wish to gather at the Director’s home. Therefore, the Director entertained them in a farewell celebration in the wake of their beautiful graduation ceremony held on 9th February at the University of Lomé. Dressed in the attire of memorable events, the graduates appreciated the Director’s mentorship during their stay in Togo. They thanked him for his leadership and inspirational thoughts toward them.
At the end of the celebration, the Director wished that all of them further their studies so that the WASCAL Programme can be highly recognized in the West African Sub-region in particular through them.



  1. Richard Asante

    This is still green in memory. God bless the WASCAL-Togo family. It was awesome.


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