The two year Master Research Program on “Climate Change and Human Security” aims at building the climate change expertise of students from ten West African countries in an inspiring, multi-disciplinary and intercultural learning environment.

Each year, the German ministry of Education through ZEF offers 10 scholarships for 10 of the recruited students. Others can register and pay the full 15000 Euros scholarship. A special focus is laid on the capacity development of skills in earth sciences, research methodology, disaster and human contigency. These skills are highly relevant for policy-advice, public awareness building on climate change, as well as for the implementation of climate change adaptation programs. After the course, the graduates are well prepared to work as experts in the area of Climate change, adaptation, community organisers, as well as for civil society and donor organizations.

The first ten international WASCAL students of Lomé have started the program in November 2012. A second batch of students was recruited in July 2013.

List of the Courses and credits

GEO 504 Geography, Landscape and Prospective tools 5
GEO 511 Atmospheric Sciences and Research Methodology 5
GEO 512 Earth and Ocean Sciences and Research Methodology 5
GEO 513 Societal Dimensions and Research Methodology 5
GEO 514 Applied Statistics 3
GEO 515 Climate Change and Human Security and Research Methodology 4
7 GEO Language 3


GEO 516 Physical Phenomenon and Adaptation Measures 5
GEO 517 Vulnerability and Risk Assessment 5
GEO 518 Disasters and Human Contingencies 2.5
GEO 519 Geospatial Technologies in Support of Disaster Management 2.5
GEO 520 Climate Change and Economics & Climate Change Projections for West Africa 5
GEO 521 Climate Change in Rural Area 4
GEO 522 Climate Change in Rural Area – Internship 2
7 GEO Language 2


GEO 522 Disaster Management and Public Health 4
GEO 523 Conflicts Trend in Africa and Human Security 2
GEO 524 Environmental Changes : Landscape under Constraints 3+3
GEO 525 Climate Change and Food Security 5
GEO 526 Advanced Research Methodology, Research/Preparation of Master Thesis 3+2
GEO 527 Sustainable Development (Applications to Human Security) 3
GEO 528 Human and Environment (Security) 3
GEO 690 Research 3
8 GEO Language 2


GEO 699 Master Research 30