• Graduation Ceremony of the Second Promotion of the MRP-CCHS

    Under the patronage of the Ministry of Higher Education and Research, the graduation ceremony of the second graduating class of the MRP-CCHS of WASCAL was held in the WASCAL lecture hall at the University of Lomé on Friday 30th October 2015.

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    The main objective of WASCAL is to enhance the resilience of social-ecological systems to the impacts of climate change and increased climate variability.

    A Master Degree program on Climate Change and Human Security


Graduate Studies Program

A Master Research Program in Climate Change and Human Security MRP-CCHS

About the program

The program consists of one master degree course on Climate Change and Human Security(MRP-CCHS). The language of instruction is English. MRP-CCHS of Togo offers excellent study and research support for all recruited students. This program aims at identifying resilience and adaptative capacity to preserve human security.

Application conditions

Applicants must be citizens of one of the ten WASCAL member states. The application process is handled by the  University of Lomé. All applications undergo  a review by the international Advisory Board of the  Master Research Program. Annual calls for applications will be announced  on our website www.wascal-togo.org

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Pipeline actions requires concrete support from all stakeholders.

The Climate debates are led toward environmental protections and preservation actions since there is more and more awareness on the changing world climate.

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Welcome to Wascal Togo

carte_togo11With climate change being one of the most severe challenges to rural Africa in the 21st century, West Africa is facing an urgent need to develop effective adaptation and mitigation measures.

WASCAL (West African Science Service Center on Climate Change and Adapted Land Use) is a large-scale research-focused program designed to help tackle this challenge and thereby enhance the resilience of human and environmental systems to climate change and increased variability.